Everything in between

Tween Brands (Justice and Limited,Too stores) was interested in reconnecting with their consumers. By gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamic between the “girl” (8-12 years old) and her mother they would better understand the consumers’ decision-making process.

DISCOVER: We used a combination of in-home ethnographic research, in-store shop-alongs and elicitation exercises to explore the complex relationship between girls and their mothers.

DEVELOP: Our strategic insights revealed that girls face enormous social pressure to conform – to be one of the “cool” girls. Clothing and accessories are an important part of the social code of these young girls and their mothers.

DELIVER: The powerful insights into the world of the girl and her mother were captured on video, and were delivered in a creative, engaging, and informative presentation.

RESULTS: The videos and “The Girl’s scrap book” are now mandatory viewing for any new associate at the company.