The Big Question

How do you align store operations and marketing to optimize the brand and convert Hesitator shoppers into fanatical customers?

DISCOVER: XRS researchers conducted 60 shop-alongs in 20 Big Lots stores in 5 different markets throughout the United States. Approximately half the shop-alongs were conducted with Hesitators and half with Cores. We compared and contrasted both groups and were able to determine the differentiating factors between the two groups’ in-store experiences.

DEVELOP: Our research findings demonstrated that store operations, performance standards, policies, and in-store marketing issues were significant barriers in creating a shopping experience that delivered on the brand promise and resonated with both Core and Hesitator customers.

DELIVER: We made numerous operational suggestions to enhance the shopping experience. We also uncovered opportunities to engage the customer in product categories previously underperforming.

RESULTS: Test stores were unveiled deploying the recommendations and ideas we proposed. Follow-up shop-alongs revealed a successfully enhanced shopping experience, yielding higher sales. Same store results are up 26% and some product categories are up 41%. Chain-wide changes are planned to reflect the new standards and policies.