The secret

Start-up FacilitySource had an innovative and creative technology solution for retail facility maintenance management. The question was, how do you put this new company on the retail map?

DISCOVER: FacilitySource had a prime opportunity to introduce themselves to their target audience with a fresh
and unique message reflecting the innovation of their company’s services.

DEVELOP: With the leading industry annual trade show being the most efficient and effective awareness opportunity for the desired target audience, we developed a plan to blitz the event to create unprecedented buzz.

DELIVER: The launch theme was “Retail’s Secret Weapon.” The ultrasecret black box booth was designed to create an air of exclusivity and actually keep uninvited guests out – atypical of tradeshow marketing. We mailed out cool kits to top prospects of FacilitySource. They contained a special booth access card and sunglasses.

RESULTS: The booth won the National Retail Federation Best Booth award and was a huge crowd pleaser – a turnout of 60% invited. More importantly, FacilitySource launched its brand with a bold statement and in two years has now converted many top retailers into customers including Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Wendy’s, Darden Restaurants, Victoria’s Secret, Domino’s and many others. They are now the big player in this industry and growing at triple digit speed.