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Participant Opportunites

We currently have opportunities in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas. We are conducting in-home, qualitative research interviews in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas. If you are interested in participating and getting compensated for your time, please: [button link=”http://xrsresearch.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=9d81e1aed37ca03b2a2dfdabd&id=d7a52cec3b”] Register Here [/button]  

Cult Marketing’s XRS Research gets inside heads of customers

Business First – by Dan Eaton Date: Friday, January 21, 2011, 6:00am EST – Last Modified: Friday, January 21, 2011, 11:40am EST Related: Media & Marketing Cult Marketing’s XRS Research gets inside heads of customers | Business First He even acknowledges that one day in the not too distant future, Cult Marketing Inc., the Powell advertising […]

Secret Shopper, At Home

Hello trusted participants, Registration deadline for this project is 5pm EST Tuesday, November 16. Are you itching to try something new…for free? We are asking for your help on a Secret Shopper research project. Specifically, we want your help evaluating the customer QVC experience for the telephone sales ordering process. You will need to be […]

Consumer Insights

An insight begins with a deep understanding of your target consumers’ attitudes and beliefs, and how those beliefs connect with them at an emotional level. The best marketers know that great marketing begins with valuable consumer insight. We know that how you obtain this insight is even more important. Our trained experts use only the […]


When it comes to consumer packaged goods there are few better ways to gain insight into the purchasing process than going on an actual shopping trip with the consumer. We use HD video to bring back insights from the field. Our cameras for this purpose are small and non-intrusive and our audio is gathered separately […]


Ethnography is a scientific research strategy often used in the field of social sciences, particularly in anthropology and in some branches of sociology, also known as part of historical science that studies people, ethnic groups and other ethnic formations, their ethnogenesis, composition, resettlement, social welfare characteristics, as well as their material and spiritual culture. It […]


Facility Source Research Case Study: Start-up FacilitySource had an innovative and creative technology solution for retail facility maintenance management. The question was, how do you put this new company on the retail map? FacilitySource had a prime opportunity to introduce themselves to their target audience with a fresh
and unique message reflecting the innovation of their company’s services.

Tween Brands

Tween Brands Research Case Study: Tween Brands (Justice and Limited,Too stores) was interested in reconnecting with their consumers. By gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamic between the “girl” (8-12 years old) and her mother they would better understand the consumers’ decision-making process. We used a combination of in-home ethnographic research, in-store shop-alongs and elicitation exercises to explore the complex relationship between girls and their mothers.


Wayne-Dalton Case Study: How do you create a brand in an unbranded category? Our consumer in-home interviews and telephone surveys with consumers and dealers revealed that homeowners had no idea who manufactured their garage door. It was a low-involvement category. Even though it represents the key point of home entry and up to 33% of a home’s exterior – consumers typically rely on a dealer to decide on a brand.

Big Lots

Big Lots Research Case Study: How do you align store operations and marketing to optimize the brand and convert Hesitator shoppers into fanatical customers? XRS researchers conducted 60 shop-alongs in 20 Big Lots stores in 5 different markets throughout the United States. Approximately half the shop-alongs were conducted with Hesitators and half with Cores. We compared and contrasted both groups and were able to determine the differentiating factors between the two groups’ in-store experiences.