Facility Source Research Case Study: Start-up FacilitySource had an innovative and creative technology solution for retail facility maintenance management. The question was, how do you put this new company on the retail map? FacilitySource had a prime opportunity to introduce themselves to their target audience with a fresh and unique message reflecting the innovation of their company’s services.

Tween Brands

Tween Brands Research Case Study: Tween Brands (Justice and Limited,Too stores) was interested in reconnecting with their consumers. By gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamic between the “girl” (8-12 years old) and her mother they would better understand the consumers’ decision-making process. We used a combination of in-home ethnographic research, in-store shop-alongs and elicitation exercises to explore the complex relationship between girls and their mothers.


Wayne-Dalton Case Study: How do you create a brand in an unbranded category? Our consumer in-home interviews and telephone surveys with consumers and dealers revealed that homeowners had no idea who manufactured their garage door. It was a low-involvement category. Even though it represents the key point of home entry and up to 33% of a home’s exterior – consumers typically rely on a dealer to decide on a brand.

Big Lots

Big Lots Research Case Study: How do you align store operations and marketing to optimize the brand and convert Hesitator shoppers into fanatical customers? XRS researchers conducted 60 shop-alongs in 20 Big Lots stores in 5 different markets throughout the United States. Approximately half the shop-alongs were conducted with Hesitators and half with Cores. We compared and contrasted both groups and were able to determine the differentiating factors between the two groups’ in-store experiences.