Brand Experience

What is  a brand?

Brands are extremely complex living things.  They are constantly in motion – changing, morphing, expanding, absorbing content. Every brand touchpoint affects a brand either positively or negatively. Massaging, managing and controlling brand touchpoints to deliver a satisfying brand experience is a complicated and daunting challenge.

There are many important elements that are often not cognitively perceived – such as sound, scent, body language – that critically impact the brand experience and influence the delivery of the brand experience.  At XRS, we have techniques to trigger the subconscious areas of the brain to understand how the emotional side “feels” about the experience. We help consumers recognize and identify the variables that make the brand experience special.

We see the brand through the eyes of the consumer in the environment and at the time all the action is occurring.  We eliminate speculation and guessing.

After our brand experience audit is complete, we analyze the data and develop ideas to enhance the brand experience.  These ideas can impact associate behaviors, policies, procedures, marketing messages, store design, product design, wayfinding, advertising, promotions, and many other variables.