Brand Strategy

At XRS, we are careful not to confuse analysis with strategy. We don’t want the strategic tools and apparatuses that are used to analyze data get in the way of creative, entrepreneurial thinking. We believe if you can’t explain your strategy in a short paragraph, you don’t really have one.

With that in mind, we use only a few simple tools to help us define a brand strategy:

  • Brand Essence – when a brand is boiled down to its core, what are the 2-4 words that summarize it?
  • Brand Positioning – how do you relate in the competitive space?
  • Brand Personality – like people, brands are unique in their personality.  It helps to assign personality traits to brands to guide the look and feel of the brand.
  • Brand Identity – the visual identity of a brand that provides a recognizable and consistent image in the marketplace.
  • Brand Messaging – this messaging platform represents the key communication statements that will be used in conjunction with the brand communications.

And, to bring clarity to the brand and help it come alive, we typically produce an engaging brand video using images, words, videos and music.  These brand videos summarize the key brand messages and convey the emotional impact the brand should deliver.