The Lifestyle Factors:

  • Family history and background information
  • Current life snapshot
  • Interests, activities and passions
  • Stresses, obstacles and anxieties
  • Social network and connectivity
  • Rituals, habits, behavioral patterns

Product Insights & Innovation:

  • History and experiences with products/services
  • Functional connections
  • Emotional connections
  • Product design, innovation and product extension ideas and opportunities

Decision-Making Process:

  • Needs and wants for product or service
  • What stimulated the need or desire to buy the product or service?

Search for information

  • Ways consumers learn about your products/services
  • Key influencers/trusted sources
  • Word-of-mouth and other viral marketing sources
  • Media behaviors

Evaluation of product/service alternatives

  • What are the variables that most influence the decision-making process
  • How are the variables ranked in importance

Purchase process

  • What are the steps to acquiring the product or services
  • Obstacles to acquiring product/service

Post purchase

  • Repeat purchase cycle
  • Re-evaluation of alternatives
  • Satisfaction with product/service

The Brand Experience:

We define brands as the sum of the consumer’s brand journey.  This journey can be enhanced or diminished at every brand touchpoint.

Brand Strategies, Recommendations, Ideas:

  • The brand story
  • Positioning
  • Brand tenets
  • Personality
  • Key brand idea
  • Messaging platforms
  • Creative exploration